Electric Pen Lands On PSBJ’s Largest 25 Design Firms List! Again!

By Electric Pen

This story originally was posted in 2011. However, we did it again! We made the PSBJ’s 2012 list.

I’d been waiting for the email for more than a decade. Finally, there it was in my inbox. I read it multiple times, to be sure it hadn’t been sent to me by mistake. No, I was the intended recipient. I let out a yell then shouted to Electric Pen’s staff, “we made it.”


When we finally stopped celebrating, I called my wife Sara to share the good news.
“Sara,” I told her as soon as she answered, “we did it. Electric Pen made the PSBJ’s List of 25 Largest Puget Sound Design Firms.”

“John, that’s great. I know how much it means to you.”

Sara had that right. Since 2000, two years after founding Electric Pen, I began following PSBJ’s annual list of the 25 largest design firms in the Puget Sound area. Year after year I kept track of the annual revenue needed to make the list. But every year this number increased just beyond Electric Pen’s reach. But this year our revenue grew enough to make the list.

“Sara, I can’t wait to tell everyone about the list.”

“OK, John, but don’t overdo it! Go ahead and brag, but just a little.”

The more I thought about the list, the more I realized that my bragging should start with Electric Pen’s clients. They’re the ones whose business fueled our growth and propelled us onto the list.  Some have been with us as long as I’ve been waiting for that email.

I also want to brag, at least a little, about two strategic moves that helped us grow. The first was our decision to focus heavily on creative services for professional services providers. The second was acquiring the capacity to scale. We now can serve anyone from a lawyer in solo practice to software giant Microsoft.

Finally, a brag about our talented and dedicated team. They’re the reason we do what we do so well. By the way, if you want to check out the PSBJ list, it’s in the November 11, 2011 issue.