Raising Dollars To Support Music Education

By Electric Pen

You’d never confuse Opening Windows 5 with iTunes. Compared to the zillion selections available from iTunes, Opening Windows 5 sells only 15 tracks, which were released in October 2011. Also, Opening Windows 5, unlike iTunes, isn’t interested in turning a profit. Instead, the Microsoft employees running Opening Windows 5 (and its four predecessors) seek to raise money for music education; the money raised by the sale of the 2011 tracks is going to Music Aid Northwest.

How Opening Windows 5 Works
Microsoft’s diverse community of musicians donated their music to Opening Windows 5. There’s a wide range of styles from rock, to electronic, to hip-hop and in between. Since there were more donations than could be accommodated, the musicians had to compete for spots.

How Electric Pen Supported Opening Windows 5
Our services for Opening Windows 5 included creating album art as well as designing stickers and cards giving holders the ability to download tracks. We partnered with bluLink Solutions, a technology services company specializing in custom SharePoint development. Electric Pen created the site design, while bluLink, which also happens to be an Electric Pen client, was the developer for the SharePoint site. Microsoft employees can use the site to review music, review the charity being supported and purchase tracks.

Client Reaction to Project
Elizabeth O’Keefe, compliance program manager at Microsoft, had this to say about Electric Pen: “They were thoughtful about the concept of a group of employees and contractors dedicating their non-working hours to making music. Electric Pen kept in mind the audience, and they had up-to-date designs.” Elizabeth also appreciated Electric Pen’s patience. “They were patient when I was so busy with other things I couldn’t focus as much attention as I wanted to on the project.”

Design Grant: Electric Pen’s New Pro Bono Campaign
Electric Pen believes in helping nonprofits whose mission we support. To this end, we’re in the process of creating Design Grant. Electric Pen will use it to select a nonprofit partner and then provide that partner pro bono design services for a defined period of time.