Marketing collateral — a catch-all phrase that can include everything from brochures to sales sheets to signage and more — has the power to elevate your business above your competitors. At Electric Pen we apply our extensive experience with marketing best-practices to every piece of collateral we create.

By strategically marrying smart design with well-honed messaging, we maximize the impact of your collateral on your targeted audience. Our team of experienced designers can offer recommendations for the best fit-and-finish, and completely oversee the production process to make sure that your deliverables turn out perfectly.


The first step of the process involves us really getting to know your business, your brand, your industry, your competitive landscape and your audience. We’ll meet with you repeatedly to assess your goals and objectives.


Once Discovery is complete, we’ll develop a marketing strategy that’s uniquely yours. We’ll refine your messaging and recommend tactics for how it can be communicated effectively throughout every touchpoint in your marketing collateral system.


Marketing collateral should enhance and promote your brand through consistent visuals and messaging. After we’ve developed a strategy, our design team will begin to create marketing materials that reflect your brand and support your objectives. This may include:

Business System
Product Sales Sheets
Campaign Development
Vehicle Wraps
PowerPoint Presentations
Web Content
Promotional Assets

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