Kline Galland

Kline Galland, a family of senior centers rooted in Jewish tradition and dedicated to providing well-rounded quality of life for their residents, was looking to build a more consistent visual approach to their brand; to speak from one unified voice and stand out from other senior living facilities.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Business System
  • Website Exploration


We developed a brand strategy centered around a custom logo mark. Designed to represent the eternal flame, also known as the sanctuary lamp, which is a symbol of great significance in the Jewish faith, the mark now serves as a cornerstone to the Kline Galland brand. We also developed a color system that allowed the various centers to retain their individuality while still working as a complete set.

Dramatic Results

The result of our work with Kline Galland was a distinctive visual identity and a carefully crafted set of logos that can be expanded upon as the brand continues to grow and open new centers.