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Microsoft Discover My Career Video

Microsoft’s Aspire office came to us for help to create a brand experience and campaign around a new career fair specifically for young engineer hires. We pitched some yummy experiential marketing ideas to help get people excited about attending (hint: one involved an ice cream sandwich truck), along with signage and SWAG.

In addition, we created a 60-second video to remind attendees of the “Discover My Career” event about what a great event it was, while triggering FOMO in those who were not able to attend.

Our client credited our work to driving record attendance, “It’s nearly impossible to get engineers out from behind their desks, but you did it!”. She also was thrilled with the depth of questions we asked up front that helped lay a firm foundation. “It was as if you read my mind!”

Whether you work for a global firm or a smaller business, Electric Pen can help you work towards your business goals and create marketing messages that speak directly to your ideal target audience. We’d love to be of service!

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