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An Email About Emails

People say the most valuable resource you have is time. As a project manager I can tell you it’s not. The most valuable resource you and I have is our attention. We give it to things that are meaningful, and it’s stolen from us by things that feign importance. In our work world the biggest...

Microsoft Leap Animated Explainer Video

The Microsoft Leap team came to us asking for an explainer video that would promote their program to potential candidates, coding academies, and internal sponsoring managers. They were having difficulty explaining their mission and program to such diverse audiences. We “leapt” at the challenge of helping them simplify their tricky messaging for a global audience....

Using Creativity to Engage Virtual Teams

One of my favorite experiences as a creative leader involved teaching psychologists and mental health experts how to engage resistant clients using artistic self-expression techniques. As people settled into their seats in the classroom or conference room, I’d always notice someone with that “Go ahead and try to teach me something I don’t already know”...

Website Design for the Future

When I bought my first car (a ‘97 Buick LeSabre—quite a boat), I thought my transportation expenses were over. Maybe a little for gas, change a filter now and then…but boy was I wrong. The salty, icy, wintry roads of Wisconsin ensured I was caring for my car regularly, keeping an eye on its condition...

Groundhog Day!

Because so many company emails get lost in the clatter of Christmas and New Year greetings, we decided to wait a bit and celebrate one of the lesser-known holidays—Groundhog Day! Our goal was to take advantage of this quieter day to “surprise and delight” our clients, friends, and followers. Low on budget but big on...



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