Graphic design is most successful when there is a strong brand strategy behind it. We’ve always been a branding agency. And with our marketing service offering, we can provide the next step for our clients. Branding is who you are. Marketing is how you generate awareness.

Marketing services at Electric Pen are driven by a threefold purpose: to achieve defined business objectives, enhance your brand, and meet client/customer needs. Our process to accomplish this involves:

Marketing Strategy. This initial phase involves collaborative research and analysis to understand your challenges and goals and provide a framework that communicates the value of what you offer.

Marketing Plan. Here, we recommend tactics for how your message can be conveyed effectively through specific campaigns, content, and channels.

Implementation. Tactics are put into play. Our business-building initiatives span many deliverables, including social media, mobile, email, web, print, out-of-home, and direct mail.

The result is a marketing campaign devised to deliver maximum benefit, traction, and relevance to your client/customer.