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The way organizations communicate has dramatically transformed.


In-person meetings were the standard.


Virtual meetings are the new normal.


Video-conferencing is expected to grow by 10.9% per year through 2028.

Source: Fortune Business Insights, 2020.


In-person meetings

You can rely on your stage presence—charisma, body language, facial expressions, and eye contact—to connect with your audience.


Virtual meetings

All eyes are on your slides, which have to hold your audience’s interest and effectively communicate your message.

The way you tell your story matters more than ever.

How do you make yours unforgettable?

TIP #1

Make it concise.


Use the Notes field to limit text within the deck and let the presenter speak to the finer details.

Commit to one idea per slide.

Revise lengthy titles so they fit on one line—two at most.

TIP #2

Make it legible.


A general guideline is at least 20 points for body text and between 36 and 48 points for titles.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but smaller viewing devices require larger fonts for legibility.

And no matter the device, always leave a space in between paragraphs for more comfortable reading.

TIP #3

Make it visual.


Make your photos large enough to touch the edges of the slide (referred to as “bleed”) for high impact and a clean, professional look.

Presentations that effectively pair content with visuals—such as photos, infographics or illustrations—increase retention by 400%.

Source: Present Better by 24 Slides, 2017.

TIP #4

Make it colorful.


Use a free color contrast checker to make sure your palette is accessible to people with color vision deficiency. Learn more.

Stick to a palette of 3–4 colors throughout your presentation and use contrasting tones as backgrounds to emphasize major transitions.

TIP #5

Make it intriguing.


If your presentation is longer than 10 minutes, consider adding interactive elements such as Q&A, quizzes, polls, or videos.

Incorporate builds to generate suspense and prevent your audience from jumping ahead.

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