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The Challenge

Audienz is a B2B consultancy that focuses on helping the world’s leading technology companies take their messages and products to market. The name Audienz is the German word for audience and reflects its commitment to understanding who their client’s customers are and how to talk to them. The Audienz team articulates client challenges and goals to formulate plans that produce measurable results.

Audienz needed a new brand identity and looked to differentiate itself from others in the sector. It wanted the rebranded platform to earn new business from CMOs and to grow its small staff to a maximum of about 45 people.

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Problem Solved

Audienz strives to enact change from every angle; its strength is doing something new that not everyone else is doing. With expertise in the cloud since its inception, this “something new” is the latest “cloud” in the industry.

Our team used this strength to set Audienz apart in the category. We positioned Audienz as a partner to support CMOs as they navigate the shifting economy and the complexities of scaling their company through technology. We landed on We’ve Got a Better Hook to represent the breakthrough ways Audienz can get to their clients’ audience. We extended this powerful rebranded identity across multiple touchpoints, including website, print materials, and merchandise.

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Dramatic Results

Electric Pen delivered Audienz a complete set of marketing tools to sustain its continued growth. Audienz was able to expand and diversify its client base. And the company that began as 6 people is now 47.

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