Maxwell Graham

Maxwell Graham asked us to develop a brand message and visual expression that communicates the sophistication and strength they feel embodies their brand. A personal injury law firm in the Northwest, Maxwell Graham advocates for victims of accidents caused by the negligence of others. Providing expertise in injury, wrongful death, and traumatic brain injury cases, their attorneys combine superior skills and experience with a compassionate approach that helps relieve the stress of a complicated process.

Problem Solved

So, we got to work. We created a brand from the ground up. We designed a new digital presence where all their website content could not only live but shine. The pages are bolder and brighter, featuring large-scale imagery within a flexible design system. The lush grandeur of forest–eye-catching and unique for a law firm’s home page–reveals the partners’ love for the outdoors; the hiking footage reflects the often-challenging journey of hiring legal counsel. We also created collateral, signage, and even a thank you wine label that mapped back to the brand’s foundation. We conceived the idea for Maxwell Graham’s first brand video and partnered with RB Content Lab to film it.

Dramatic Results

Maxwell Graham found in Electric Pen that creative partner they were looking for. The newly designed website and collateral drove positive interactions, ignited conversation, and positioned Maxwell Graham as a resource of knowledge and expertise.