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Reimagining the plumbing industry

Sunrise Plumbing

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The Challenge

Two Microsoft employees—with backgrounds in science, engineering, and finance—each longed for a career switch and, in 2019, purchased a commercial plumbing company. Sunrise Plumbing had been in business for 42 years, held an excellent reputation, and was championed for its work in affordable housing. But the change in ownership revealed crucial elements the business lacked: brand identity and a website. Sunrise Plumbing needed a way to tell its story of bringing innovation to an otherwise traditional sector.

Sunrise plumbing logo sketch
Sunrise plumbing logo sketch
Sunrise plumbing logo sketch
A water drop logo on a concrete wall.
SP business cards
Sunrise plumbing van
Sunrise plumbing shirt
Sunrise plumbing workers
Sunrise brand guide

Problem Solved

The far-ranging owners have a different approach to the business of plumbing. They view plumbing as an art and the heart and soul of any building. Their vision is to help transform an industry—through single-source accountability and efficient, sustainable solutions—and every day protect the health of its public. They believe their work should benefit the individual occupants while positively impacting the wider community.

Our team wanted the brand’s visual language to reflect this unique spirit. We crafted a brand messaging framework that defined Plumbing Brings Life as a summation of its focus—bringing life to a building by delivering water, the world’s most essential resource. This message called for something distinct when redesigning the company logo. We utilized a vibrant orange color palette to differentiate it from the usual blue brandmarks of its competitors. The structured typeface lent the mark an element of industrial strength, and the shapes spoke to collaboration. For Sunrise Plumbing’s first-ever website, we used bold, custom photography to showcase the artistry, enormity, and complexity of commercial plumbing.

Dramatic Results

Fresh eyes on what Sunrise Plumbing had been doing for over four decades imbued energy into the business, in an industry that rarely communicates its savoir-faire. The identity we developed gave a human touch to the plumbing process and a modern outlook on a company that continues to evolve.

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