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Bringing whimsy to an executive presentation


  • Presentation Designs
  • Custom Animated Collage

VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, asked us to create visuals for a presentation about persevering through life’s imperfections. The presentation takes you on a journey, starting with acknowledging that we are all imperfect. Reaching your vision is about taking risks, embracing wisdom from diversity, and sharing ideas with others to spawn innovation.

The presentation was primarily visual, so we sourced an abundance of photos and took some in-house. We gathered props in-house too. Our designer procured her grandfather’s old field glasses from his time in the marines, and our art director crafted an alien hand solely for this project. The finished deck was rich with whimsical images to complement a personal and inspirational executive presentation.

Animated presentation gif
Presentation storyboard
Animated presentation gif

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