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Embracing dualities to increase potential


  • Presentation Design

VMWare, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, asked us to design an executive presentation on the power of challenging conventional wisdom. Of bridging seemingly opposing concepts—like reducing cost and improving performance—reconciling two ideas that are typically at odds.

The presentation tells how a power of AND mentality is built into VMware’s business. Its belief that opportunities are everywhere enables the company to crack outwardly impossible problems in new ways. We used consistent shapes and VMware’s brand color palette as visual cohesion throughout the presentation. We added patterns of dots to reflect connecting the dots between competing ideas and what that can accomplish.

VMware Power of And desktop

VMWare provided our team talking points and a general direction. We brought life to their vision—blending movement, typography, and brand colors—to create a story that was memorable and engaging.

VMware before slide
VMware Animated presentation slides

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