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Benefits of Video Marketing

To get to the benefits of video marketing, we have to take a quick detour through board games: one of my best friends is a fellow board game enthusiast, and she recently converted her personal TikTok account into a board game review account. Due to TikTok’s For You page algorithm, it only took one or two simple one-minute videos for her account to jump from single digits to over 21,000 followers and millions of views on her videos in a matter of days. She is now working directly with several board game companies on reviewing their games—all from less than two minutes of video content. You can’t argue with the potential for success once you integrate video content into your marketing plan, whether that’s on your website, on social media, or as part of your brand itself.

The normalcy of videos ready to stream within arm’s reach isn’t a new concept: YouTube is only a few years away from a 20th anniversary, and every social media site supports video content for brands connecting with their prospective audiences, with new platforms popping up all the time. It seems the main hurdle companies struggle to justify is attaching video content to their brand when their product isn’t specifically related to video. Here’s why it’s time to roll up those sleeves and think outside the box.

Catching Eyes With Your Brand

 Every brand has an identity, whether it’s been engineered through a formal brand discovery or put together firsthand on Canva by non-designer hands. A good brand should incorporate more than just a logo; it should account for imagery, textures, shapes, video, and even sound. By opting out of moving images, you opt out of the attention gained that you miss with just text and stills. It’s estimated that by 2021, the average consumer will spend 100 minutes watching videos on the internet every day1, so as that ocean of video attention gets deeper, you can’t afford not to cast your net— even if your audience starts modestly. Hosting brand videos on your website (home page preferred) can be the initial step toward creating a strong first impression of your brand.

Keeping Attention With Social Video

 The next frontier is including social media as part of your marketing strategy for your brand. There is potential to reach literally billions2 of users with a good cross-platform social media approach. If you look at user behavior and social media trends, an increasing amount of time is spent watching videos online, and the leading platforms people use are YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. The video’s length can be tailored to the platform (and the audience demographics attached to each), but short, engaging, and informative videos under two minutes each are the pennies in your marketing budget. You can chain these videos together or split longer videos into multiple parts, which may keep a phone-scroller’s attention on your brand longer. This bite-sized approach will also help your company organize around a strategy that won’t feel overwhelming like a video campaign would. Be thinking about when and where an average person pops open their phone and scrolls for a few minutes at a time: break time at work, waiting for water to boil at home, or right before bed.

 If generating video content is not already part of your brand strategy, let this be the case to get started. Yes, you invite the emotional rollercoaster of a comment section, but you also begin to tap into the huge potential of reaching a large audience with your messaging, your company, and your product.


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by Robert Speewack Bojorquez, Filmmaker, Multimedia Producer, Project Manager

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