What is Presentation Design? Simply put, it’s a way to transform your thoughts into compelling visuals that engage and inspire your audience. At Electric Pen, we provide a wide range of presentation design services that can either spruce up your existing content or help you create bold, new narratives bursting with inventive ideas.

We’re in the business of creating compelling stories, delivering powerful experiences, and finding new ways to elevate your message. And we pride ourselves on a seamless project management process that’s highly responsive and collaborative.


We’ll kick off that process by conducting thorough research to gather pertinent information about your brand and the challenges you’re currently facing. We dig deep, asking strategic questions that lead to an understanding of who you are and how you want your audience to see you.


Once Discovery is complete, we’ll develop a presentation design strategy that is uniquely yours. We’ll help you refine your messaging so that it is targeted and impactful. We’ll also make recommendations for building a strong narrative with a well-crafted cadence.


After we’ve developed your presentation design strategy, our design team will move into interpreting your content in a visual way, providing services that may include:

Presentation storyboarding
Presentation/slide concepting
Presentation content creation
Building slide approach for look and feel
Building custom PowerPoint template
Applying fit and finish to an existing presentation
Graphic builds
Animation support
Stock photography sourcing
Custom photography
Onsite technical support

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