Helsell Fetterman

Helsell Fetterman, a Seattle-based law firm, brings a less stuffy/more human approach to their client relationships. They believe in taking their work seriously, but not themselves, and we were thrilled when they brought us in to help with their advertising.

  • Print Ad Campaign


Our client was looking for whimsical ads that would make you think differently about what a law firm can be. We generated concepts that paired eye-catching visuals with wit-infused headlines, and because the audience for these ads varied, we calibrated our creative efforts based on the intended viewer.

Dramatic Results

Helsell Fetterman now has a clear vision for the future of their brand. We’ve defined their unique personality and look forward to continued collaboration built on mutual trust and the understanding that we know how to walk that fine line between being disruptive for the sake of getting your attention and well-branded humor, crafted with artistry and a dash of wit.