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Connecting hundreds of thousands of computers

Inphi Branding & Trade Show Design

  • Brand Refresh & Content Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Trade Show Booth
  • Print Collateral
  • Presentation Design

The Challenge

Applications such as cloud services, IoT, artificial intelligence, and new media are causing an explosion in data and driving the growth of large data centers. Inphi is the leader in moving big data rapidly around the globe. It develops innovative products and solutions that enable customers to connect hundreds of thousands of computer servers inside a data center, with hundreds of thousands of data centers throughout the world.

Inphi needed help refining its message and elevating its visuals to reflect the quick and efficient service it provides.

Inphi business cards and slide design

Problem Solved

To streamline its visual identity, we limited the color palette, made its signature color a bold red, and embraced the mark as the cornerstone of the brand. A high-velocity aesthetic was created by utilizing photography that showed a sense of speed.

We built brand guidelines to ensure that all future messaging stays relevant and aligns with its core values. The guidelines provide design standards for Inphi’s internal team and external vendors to establish consistency and cohesion, the key to a strong brand voice.

Inphi trade booth design, event brochure, t-shirt
GIF of Inphi website design, poster design

Dramatic Results

Our successful collaboration and in-depth knowledge of the brand was the start of a lasting partnership. We continue to work with Inphi on marketing projects such as website design, print ads, posters, trade show displays, and presentation materials.

Inphi trade show booth design

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