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The Challenge

LumaTouch develops a suite of pioneering video editing and effects tools, built specifically for the iPhone and iPad. These tools enable video enthusiasts and professionals to quickly edit and publish videos while on the go, directly from their phones or iPads, and push content out instantly. Loved for its ease of use, the apps include basic editing features as well as complex functions such as layering, adding in b-roll, animation, color grading, and much more.

The company’s main app, LumaFusion, was to be featured on the Apple App Store. Being sold worldwide to hundreds of thousands of people, the app first needed an icon that was globally appealing and acceptable. Second, it needed a visual identity, to speak to its name—fusion—the process of editing clips to form one video. And third, it needed to stand out from the competition— whether among the other 30 apps on an iPad screen, or 1.85 million apps available online.

Collage of underwater creatires, underwater plants, and the Northern lights illuminating the night sky with vibrant colors, showcasing the mesmerizing beauty of the aurora borealis and aurora australis.
Lumatouch App Icons
LumaTouch logo sketch gi

Problem Solved

Our team was inspired by those moments in a dark editing bay—the glow of the screen, the scope, and depth of the luminescence of colors. We arrived at a brilliant palette with radiant hues of blue and green. We used various shapes and patterns to communicate distinguishing aspects for each of the four LumaTouch apps, including bringing in the element of motion with curved and swirling lines.

Dramatic Results

The icon that Electric Pen created for LumaFusion tackled all three challenges with great results. LumaFusion has been at #1 in the Photo and Video category for the iPad for 2 years following its icon redesign. Its fresh logo helped drive LumaTouch into that position, and, once it arrived, kept it there.

With the app’s growing success, we were asked to create App Store banner ads for two different updates. We designed the ads to reflect the many complex things the new tools could do and with such ease. Since LumaFusion is so fun to use, we showcased people dancing and joyful, with images exploding out of the screen to display how dynamic the app is.

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