LumaTouch, a creator of video editing apps, asked us to develop a new system of app icons that would stand out from the competition and establish a new visual identity for the evolving brand. Through several rounds of creative exploration, we landed on a concept that conveyed the idea of luminescence, drawing inspiration from nature and the glow of a screen in a dark editing bay.

  • Visual Identity
  • App Icon Design


Once we had our concept, we experimented with different shapes and configurations to better communicate the distinguishing features of each app. We also solidified a bold, vibrant color palette that incorporated colors from the LumaTouch logo and created a subtle glowing effect as the shapes fanned out and the colors radiated from blue to green.

Dramatic Results

LumaTouch was thrilled with the work we did and has continued to use our graphics for other applications such as posters and trade show booths. Upon request, we also supplied them with new Pantone colors for their logo that better fit with the newly established palette.