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Mario Juarez

Giving a storyteller a visual voice

  • Brand & Visual Strategy
  • Executive Presentation

The Challenge

There is a magic that happens when someone says, “I’m going to tell you a story.” We, as humans, are wired for a good story. We connect through stories. So, it makes sense that in some cultures, the age-old art of storytelling is valued more than any other skill. Organizations also recognize the value of being able to articulate their brand story, and when they need help doing so, they turn to experts like Mario Juarez. A former journalist and longtime corporate communications leader, Mario helps teams and individuals become better storytellers to elevate their businesses.

Mario came to Electric Pen with a dilemma. His presentation was dated and stagnant. It was time to up-level his most essential sales tool and give it a much needed WOW factor. Mario had been awarded a coveted speaking opportunity, and he had to be nothing short of spectacular. He had one week to prepare.

Problem Solved

Our designers first broke down Mario’s old deck to its foundation. We kept the story framework but enhanced the pages with sophisticated visuals and engaging animation. We reworked the palette, typestyle, and content hierarchy. Mario’s new presentation was infused with color, movement, and joy, with each element carrying a purpose. The deck came to life.

Six Story Shapes from Mario Juarez's storytelling presentation

Dramatic Results

Mario’s presentation was a tremendous success, and he was approached by some major players interested in working with him. The new deck showed off his best work and, as a result, boosted his confidence and business.

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