Creativity, deeply rooted in strategic insight.

Creativity, deeply rooted in strategic insight.

Crafting a powerful brand story is the unifying thread that is woven through everything we do. The processes we use empower us to uncover invaluable strategic insights for our clients. We’ve found the best tool in our arsenal is listening. This doesn’t mean just nodding our heads reflexively, but truly absorbing your company’s needs, goals, issues, and aspirations. This is how invaluable and on target strategic insight is born.

Take a look at what we’ve done lately.


When scrolling through the Inphi site you’ll see a leading edge brand representing an innovative tech firm, boldly standing apart from competitors. But that’s just icing on the cake. What thrills Inphi and makes us excited, is the sortable global inventory on the products page. It showcases markets, solutions and yes, products, all in one table. That’s one heck of a tool for the sales force and anyone looking for the right memory buffer. We think that’s exciting design.


This innovative client is helping shape the future of business travel, and we happily climbed aboard to support their vision. Starting with a design audit of the Concur brand and a wealth of industry reports, we set out to craft SlideShare campaigns with three key objectives: create a distinctive visual style and brand voice, uncover compelling data to connect with audience pain points, and demonstrate the wealth of tools Concur offers travel and finance managers.

As a result, Concur experienced a 600% increase in viewership and a huge leap in sharing activity across various social media channels. Branded SlideShare decks are now a consistent tool used to support global brand campaigns as well as new product launches.

Set your brand apart with Illustration.

In an age of cut-and-paste digital media, it’s all too easy to get lost in the crowd. But add hand-drawn images to the mix and suddenly your brand jumps to life — original, distinctive and uniquely yours. Our talented illustrators can tell a story with imaginative flair, even depicting things that haven’t happened yet. The images we create for you will become brand assets that you own and can re-purpose as needed. And because it’s all in-house, the entire process is friction-free. Let’s chat.

Kinect for Windows

Soon, stores will be equipped with sensors to help you choose the perfect outfit. Cool, right? Kinect for Windows makes this possible with apps that reach far beyond gaming. When tasked with designing the Kinect Developer Portal, we started with the ultimate strategic tool: listening. We reached out to developers across the globe, from Microsoft MVPs to eager amateurs to learn about their needs, frustrations and aspirations. From there, we peppered our walls with a fury of Post-it notes and mind-mapped the site content strategy. The result is a unique and targeted experience meant to inform and inspire the K4W Dev community. We can’t wait to see what these developers will dream up next.

Juniper Networks

When you’re in the business of network innovations, you naturally look for a design partner that can deliver stellar creative, on strategy and under tight deadlines. Over the past three years, the corporate communications team at Juniper has relied on Electric Pen to design and produce their executive-level presentations for speaking engagements, product launches and conferences worldwide. So how do you deliver a consistent message of innovation and agility to an audience steeped in technology? Well, three things jump to mind: a nimble team of highly-skilled designers, an uncanny ability to iterate concepts quickly, and of course, the vision to produce show-stopping graphics.

The Spur Group

This dynamic consultancy tasked us with the type of branding challenge we simply eat up: with the commoditization of consulting services becoming an industry norm, how does a new firm stand apart?

Closely collaborating with the Spur leadership team, we created a scalable visual identity system – anchored by an energetic mark reflecting forward momentum – that united all brand applications, from signage to website to presentation and collateral materials. The result is a distinctive brand that reflects the firm’s DNA. Along with a suite of tools to empower internal teams to generate new marketing materials.